Home birth Maryland

Our Pregnancy & Birth Services

Our goal is to support your self-education for pregnancy and birth, and to be a resource for you. We feel passionate about being homebirth midwives and about being able to provide home birth as an option for families who choose it. Our sincere hope for engaging in this relationship with you is to provide complete prenatal care to enable you to have a safe and satisfying homebirth and healthy postpartum recovery and adjustment period.

Prenatal Care 

Through prenatal visits, we can monitor the changes of pregnancy and your baby’s growth.  We encourage you to take childbirth classes of your choice, and to use wellness care including good nutrition, physical activity, chiropractic care, yoga, etc. We are able to order lab work, refer for sonograms, and prescribe medications as needed. 


We follow a schedule of prenatal visits that can be flexible about timing and intervals of visits to meet your needs. Visits generally take place in our home offices, with a home visit scheduled around 36 weeks to plan for the birth.  We schedule our visits with you for a full hour so that we can discuss any concerns you may have as well as provide you with any information you need to help support you during your pregnancy.  

Home Birth

Our role at your labor is to provide a supportive presence, to give feedback on the progress of labor, to monitor you and your baby’s well-being, and to provide care for any unexpected events that require intervention.  We attend all of our births together as a team, so that when you go into labor, you will have two midwives at your birth whom you have developed a relationship with over the course of your prenatal care. 


When we come to your home, we bring all the necessary equipment to provide for a safe home birth.  We also have birthing tubs available for use at no additional cost if you would like to labor or birth in water.  For many people, birth is a family affair and they choose to have their older children present for the birth or in the moments following the delivery.  We encourage you to invite whomever makes you feel comfortable and supported during your labor and birth. 

Postpartum Care

During the hours following the birth of your baby, the midwives will stay with you to ensure that the baby is transitioning to newborn life and that you are stable following the birth.  In the first hour after birth, your baby will remain with you, skin-to-skin, until they have been able to establish nursing.  We routinely provide delayed cord clamping (up to an hour or more) and perform a head-to-toe exam of your baby, often involving all members of the family who are present for the birth.  Once both you and your baby are safely tucked into your bed, the midwives will leave, but will return within the first 2 days for a check up for both you and your baby.  We remain on call for you for any postpartum concerns that arise within the first 6 weeks following birth.  

Homebirth Maryland