Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)


Chesapeake Midwifery is proud to offer At-Home Intrauterine Inseminations (IUI). We will come to your home for an IUI at any hour of the day or week, based on when your fertility signs are optimal for achieving pregnancy. 


We will work with you to assist in tracking your fertility for optimal timing of insemination as well as provide guidance in navigating sperm banks and other unique circumstances that may arise during your conception journey.    

For further information on at-home IUI, please contact Katie directly at

703-801-4093 or email at chesapeakemidwifery@gmail.com

Home Birth


Giving birth to your baby is one of life's most intimate moments. Choosing to have your baby at home gives you the privilege of creating the exact environment you would like for your labor & birth.

We provide care for you during your pregnancy with prenatal visits occurring both in our offices and your home.  When you go into labor, Chesapeake Midwifery will come to you! 

In the hours after your baby is born, we provide care for you and your baby that is both family-centered and comprehensive.

GYN Care

Chesapeake Midwifery provides GYN care for pap smears, adult well-exams, contraception and GYN related concerns in an intimate home office setting.  

If you are interested in our GYN services, please contact Katie directly at

703-801-4093 or email at chesapeakemidwifery@gmail.com

Proudly supporting and recognizing all people & families, regardless of

 race, color, religion, sexual orientation & gender identity

Meet the Midwives
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Susan Dodge, CNM

In 2002, I graduated from Midwifery school after working as a Lactation Consultant and a birth assistant at home births for 10 years.


I spent the next 7 years in a large home birth practice before going out on my own in 2008.  I started Chesapeake Midwifery as a solo midwife in order to have a more personal relationship with the families I serve.

I am open to honoring all requests that you would have to help make your birth match your vision of the unique family experience that it can be.

I have worked as a Certified Nurse Midwife in birth centers, family health clinics, and provided home birth services to families since 2008. 

I joined Chesapeake Midwifery full time in January 2020, and I'm looking forward to providing families with options for home birth, at-home IUI services, and GYN care. 


I believe that pregnancy and birth should be empowering experiences, and when a person has the time and space to listen to their body, they can achieve anything!

Katie Shannon, CNM

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